This kitty crawled out of its cage to make friends with a puppy, proving animals are the best

We’ve all been there: A sudden case of the lonelies strikes and no one answers your texts, emails or calls. Before long, you become so desperate to interact with another breathing being that you act like this kitten that scaled a cage to befriend a puppy.

It doesn’t take a bonafide cat lover to tell you that this kitty’s uber adorable act of desperation is one of the endless reasons why kittens are fantastic. Honestly, if it could’ve hit up Uber to deliver some puppies to its cage, we’re pretty sure it would’ve happened and there’s no way we could blame it because this puppy is just TEW FRIGGIN’ CUTE:

In the clip, the gray-and-white kitten meows and climbs its way up the wall, proving that hang time with fellow animals is downright crucial. Meanwhile, the clueless puppy is busy lying on its back, legs flailing freely because it’s a dog’s preferred method of solo entertainment. After noticing the cat eagerly encroaching on its territory, the dog does what we all would’ve done, which is lose its shit because HOLY COW, another live creature wants to give it some attention.

After watching this heartwarming animal meet-up, there’s no way we can continue arguing about whether cats and dogs get along.