Kittify turns anything you write into purrfect cat puns

We here at HelloGiggles are of the belief that there’s nothing that cannot be improved by cat puns. Alas, it’s harder than you’d think to use a well-placed cat pun in everyday life. Enter Kittify, the website that does the hard work of cat puns for you by translating anything — be it a novel, tweet, or email — into the punniest feline text around.

For a hilarious example, read below the HelloGiggles mission statement like you’ve never seen it before:


How it works is pretty simple. Just type in your desired text (we chose some iconic movie quotes) and watch the cat puns unfold before your eyes:




If you want to know how the magic happens (although we prefer to keep it a mystery), Kittify provides a full English-to-cat dictionary provided by the site. Some examples:

  • kidding = kitten
  • kiddin = kitten
  • say = meow
  • saying = meowing
  • said = meowed
  • community = cat park
  • fantastic = catastic

Creator Daniel Landy shared some even better news on Twitter about Kittify — a Chrome extension:

An entire Internet that’s never not filled with cat puns? We’re downloading this immediately.

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