These kittens wearing cones are having the time of their lives

The Internet is vast and full of cat videos, so how do you find a good one that stands out? Why, throw in some cat cones, add some old timey jazz and you’ve got yourself a bonafide viral hit.

That’s what YouTube channel, “Felines of New York” did and the result is adorably hilarious. Two cats chase each other around an apartment, both with matching “sad pet cones” but their demeanor is anything but. They run around freely, size each other up, and just do that cat voodoo that they do so well.

The result is so satisfying, it makes me wanna install various-angled spy cameras into my own apartment and see what my cats do when I’m not there. Which I feel, in some way, is cracking open the American Dream.

I wish I could inform you that the video takes a quick, “Shyamalan Twist” in which everything we’ve known about these two cat characters is dismantled before our very eyes. But nah, it’s just cats. Doing their cat thing, trotting around in circles with their cones on and their gazes set on each other like a feline fight club.

If you need me, I’ll be watching this video on repeat until Christmas. Check it out below:

(Image via YouTube)