9 Kittens Learning Important Lessons

This post was written by Audre Azuolas on The Dodo.

Some cats are born troublemakers. Others are taught. And these 14 adorable kittens appear to be acing these lessons in mischief-making!

1. How to reach high for even the most forbidden places


2. How to turn the litterbox into your private playground

(Flickr/Bill & Vicki T)

3. How to treat human toys like your own personal castle


4. How to move beyond petty human limits like “doors”


5. How to look extremely innocent


6. How to leap over any obstacle


7. How to decorate the carpet with your glorious cat hair

(Flickr/Belal Khan)

8. How to turn a chair into a jungle gym


9. And finally, how to make the entire world fall in love with you, instantly


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