A beauty writer put Vamp Stamp’s Kitten eyeliner through a rigorous crying test

You’ve seen the memes. “Never ask a girl with liquid eyeliner why she’s late,” or, “Boy, are you liquid eyeliner? Because I’m pretty sure I’m going to f*ck this up.” It’s hard out there for an aspiring feline fatale!

Enter the Vamp Stamp VaVaVoom Kitten ($25). Now my 100 problems have been reduced to 99, for I no longer spend my precious time agonizing over achieving the purrrfect wings.

I’ve been a liquid eyeliner devotee for over 20 years (oh my god I’m old). When I started experimenting with makeup in 6th grade, I accidentally bought liquid instead of pencil eyeliner. It was the beginning of a beautiful and sometimes awkward friendship. That particular Max Factor liquid liner remained my fave until its untimely discontinuation in the states. (I found some in a Boots store in England a couple of years ago and literally started crying tears of joy and nostalgia in front of the confused shopgirl. This is similar, but not the exact one.)

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The cat-eye liner lewk dates back to ancient times. Cleopatra and her contemporaries used it to ward off the evil eye. From Amy Winehouse to dang near every Instagram makeup influencer, it’s always a classic choice. I wear it when I want to feel like una bella donna from a 1960s Fellini flick, and it compensates for my teeny tiny eyelashes by creating an alluring illusion.


Now, I’m NOT a cat person, but one place where cats beat out dogs every time is with the feline-friendly eyeliner look. (Sorry, puppy eye. I’m a dog person but that eyeliner is never happening for me.) I love a huuuge flick (I am still mourning Amy Winehouse, and probably will forever) but sometimes I want something more demure. A shaky hand from low blood sugar or too much coffee means I’m a meme with too much liner. I’ve tried the tape hack, and it’s so not my jam. The Kitten version of the Vamp Stamp does the trick for my flick.

Nobody’s perfect, but this is pretty damn close.


The brand’s Vink eyeliner ($20) has PMS-proof staying power. I’m serious, it did not budge when I was crying or walking in the rain. Or when I was crying AND walking in the rain. (I’m fine, but thanks for your concern.)

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A few tips for use:

We all know to clean our brushes and applicators, but be sure to clean the stamp and brush for best application. The ink dries and makes the brush rigid, and the same goes for the stamp, it’s not as spongy when there’s ink building up.


Remove gently! I’m used to more vinyl-like formulas that almost “peel” off on their own. I tend to start my makeup removal process by rinsing my whole face. With this product, the “ink” spreads around my face quickly and sinks into my cavernous pores. I end up looking gray, like I’ve been drawing with charcoal and absentmindedly rubbed my eyes. A washcloth remedies this, but some eye makeup remover or oil applied to a pad keeps things contained and saves time and effort.

I adore this product and give it four paws up.


I’m not the only one obsessed with the Vamp Stamp either. The Hello Giggles team, both novice and seasoned, are part of #TheVampCamp…

She retails for $25


Join the Vamp Camp and cop the VaVaVoom Kitten ($25) and more at thevampstamp.com.

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