This hero just saved a kitten on a highway and we are all indebted to him

Whether you love cats or hate them, you can’t deny the cuteness that is kittens. They’re fluffy, unbalanced, and easily brighten someone’s day. And we definitely don’t want to see one hurt! That’s why we’re all indebted to a Russian motorist. The harrowing tale, featured on (Russia’s Facebook) and subsequently Buzzfeed, shows the meanest person alive (well, close, anyway) throw this helpless little baby kitten onto the highway. Jerk!


Cars continue to zoom by on this busy road in Kaliningrad. Go, little guy, go!


Thank goodness for this truck driver! His quick swerve may have caused him to hit the curb, but he avoided the kitten!


The video is almost too much to watch, honestly, but after a few agonizing minutes, a motorist comes to the kitten’s aid!


Did he just kiss that kitten? Because it looks like he kissed him. Daaaaw. What a guy.


Off into the sunset they go. See the full account below and remember to practice safety first when encountering an animal on the highway!