“Kitten Santa” was maybe the best thing that happened this Christmas

When Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California found itself with nearly 100 kittens looking for homes this holiday season, they got creative. For the first time ever, volunteers at the animal shelter dressed as Santa (or elves) and delivered kittens to adoptive families on Christmas Eve. TBH we think this idea was positively genius. I mean, can you imagine being a kid on Christmas Eve and having Santa show up on your doorstep with a kitten? I’m an adult, and that’s pretty much my forever Christmas fantasy. (Seriously, Santa. Can you make this happen next year? Pretty please?)

The special Santa-delivered kitten adoption fee was $100, which covered delivery costs, standard adoption costs, as well as a little extra for the shelter’s foster care program. Adoptive kitten parents selected their kitties earlier in the month and then scheduled the Santa deliveries for Christmas Eve. A total of 25 kittens from Front Street found their way to their forever homes via Santa.

According to ABC 10 News, Joyce Thompson-Pierce, the shelter’s Cat Outreach Coordinator, came up with the adorably brilliant idea. “I was really getting nightmarish about where are we going to find homes for all these kittens from fosters that are going to be ready in December for homes,” she said.

Well played, Joyce. Kitten Santa was a huge success. So huge that Front Street is thinking about doing something similar for Valentine’s Day. Kitten Cupid?? ALL OF THE YES.

Watch Kitten Santa in action in the video below. (Caution: this will make you want a kitten. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

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