No really, you can order a kitten to your office today

Hey! Hey! Everybody! Today is National Cat Day. Do you know what that means? It means that for one day only, car service app Uber has teamed up with the site Cheezburger to deliver kittens to your office.

This is not a drill: For $30, UberKittens will deliver sweet little fuzzy bundles of whiskers for fifteen minutes of playtime. And it’s also something that you can feel good about, because 100 percent of the proceeds go to the ASPCA. Along with your kitten, a shelter volunteer will swing by your office to talk about the adoption process and how to take care of those snuggly buddies. Seriously, your officemates will love you. Who doesn’t want a snuggle break?

The promotion happened last year, leading to, no kidding, a kitten shortage in New York City, where the cozy cats were much in demand. This year, the promotion is in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Austin, Washington DC, Seattle, and Phoenix. If you want one of those fuzzbuddies, just use the code KITTENS on the app, or look for a button requesting UberKITTENS.

It’s a one day only deal, but you know our philosophy: Live every day like it’s National Cat Day.

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