Hump Day relief: This kitten learning to groom himself all wrong

To help you get through your Hump Day, allow us to introduce you to Neo the kitten who, lucky for us, is really bad at doing things. Neo was sitting on the couch with his mom as she started grooming herself — as cats do. Since Neo is a baby and all things are new to him, he tried mimicking her, but just wasn’t good at it. Cat with the heart eyes emoji.

He sort of gets the motions down, but definitely can’t reach any of his body parts with his tongue. But the way he watches his mom and tries to mimic her is the sweetest thing ever. Neo quickly gives up trying to get the hang of this whole hygiene thing and falls over on the couch, because that’s obviously what couches are for when you’re tired of doing things. After letting his mom clean him for a few seconds, he gets bored and just leaves the situation entirely. The cutest copycat (copykitten) fail of all time.

We love him. Check out the video:

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[Featured image via YouTube]