Kitten dances to 1D, because it’s Tuesday

Today in cute, a 6-month-old kitten dances to a cover of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful,” because life is good. The kitten dances along with her owner and her owner’s foot — but mostly just her foot. “Dancing” might be the wrong word choice as well; “trying to attack the foot” is probably a more accurate way to describe what the kitten is doing, but there’s definitely some rhythm happening.

The kitten tries catching the foot in the most adorable way, following the rhythm and said owner’s toe taps. Then our fave little dancing kitten gives one final pounce before peacing out — which is probably the exact moment when she realizes that One Direction is, in fact, not the who is singing this version of the song. We feel you, girl. What will this itty bitty kitten do when she learns that 1D is taking a hiatus?

Cats aren’t always super interested in things like music and humans, which is why this video is especially sweet. This kitten isn’t old enough to know what she’s uninterested in yet.

All of it is adorable. See for yourself:

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