Kit Harington talks about how he fell in love with Rose Leslie, we swoon

I know, I know — we’re all supposed to be mad at Kit Harington for lying to us about that whole not-actually-being-dead thing, but it’s hard to stay angry with him after he talked about falling in love with Rose Leslie (Ygritte!) on set.


In a recent interview, Vogue asked Kit to describe his best memory from shooting. He says, “The three weeks in Iceland when we were shooting the second season. Because the country is beautiful, because the Northern Lights are magical, and because it was there that I fell in love.”

“If you’re already attracted to someone, and then they play your love interest in the show, it becomes very easy to fall in love,” he says.


In the same interview, Kit also talked about what it was like to keep a secret from the fans.

Having to maintain absolute secrecy for so long,” he says, “has been a formidable test for understanding the psychology of other people on the basis of assumptions made. What I realized is that many people feel they have a much stronger connection with Jon Snow than I do.

We’re, of course, happy Jon Snow is back, even if Kit lied to us for months. But now the big question is: Is it too late to bring back Ygritte, too?


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