We don’t trust Kit Harington’s theory about Jon Snow in next season’s “Game of Thrones”

If you’re a die-hard Game of Thrones fan, then watching Jon Snow’s journey from Season 1 t0 now has been extremely stressful. We’ve been rooting for him from the very start, and the poor guy can’t seem to catch a break. I mean, at the end of Season 5, we all thought he was dead – which he was! (Most spectacular twist in TV history, btw.) And then Melisandre brought him back to life, he took down Ramsay Bolton, and he and Sansa are now sitting pretty back in Winterfell.


But, what’s next?

So what will become of our honorable hero in Season 7? In a recent interview with The Wrap, Kit Harington expressed confidence that Jon Snow is safe from death, at least for now.

He has a point. I feel extremely uncomfortable putting any trust in the hands of the GoT creators, because they are masterful breakers of hearts. However, I’m pretty sure they know killing Jon Snow off now, this soon after taking back Winterfell, would incite a geek war even more terrifying than the one with the White Walkers.

Meanwhile in the seven kingdoms….


Besides, there’s far too much they need to focus on in Season 7 than the state of Jon Snow’s pulse. Cersei is sitting in the Iron Throne and all of her children are dead. So she’s about to go nuts (if she hasn’t already). Dany is crossing the Narrow Sea with her dragon babies and her army in tow. Arya is heading home, and will cross paths with the Hound at some point (hopefully). And then there’s the blooming romance between Brienne and Tormund – which is going to be SO MUCH FUN to watch.

Jon Snow knows nothing, right?


Then again, Harington whipped our souls around like a torn kite in a hurricane last year after the Season 5 finale aired. Is Jon Snow really dead? He stayed quiet, then there were sightings of him in Belfast. Then he confirmed our worse fears, and other cast members played coy. He convinced some cast members that he was really gone for good (bless your heart, Sophie Turner), but told a cop the truth to get out of a ticket. Plus, if Harington knew about Jon Snow’s future, would he really tell us? No. Would he try to confuse us? Probably.

Or maybe he would pretend to not have any idea, but say he feels safe because that’s what he thinks we think, when he really knows that Jon Snow is going to die this coming season, despite how fully invested we all are.

Confused? Me too.


At this point, I think we all know not to trust anybody, assume everyone is going to die, and just be thankful for the ones who survive.

Deal? Deal.

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