Kit Harington and Rose Leslie naturally stand out while trying to go incognito at Glastonbury

It’s hard to be a low-key and discreet couple when you’re celebrities, but Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are trying at Glastonbury. They rarely make red carpet appearances together and generally stay off the radar. So it makes sense that when they attended the Glastonbury Festival (basically the Coachella of the U.K.), the couple would try to go incognito. Turns out that’s not as easy as it sounds, especially when the couple in question is so cute.

During the Glastonbury Festival on June 23rd, keen-eyed fans noticed two very familiar faces: Kit Harington and Rose Leslie. To be fair, the couple was doing their best to be inconspicuous; Kit Harington had on a hat and sunglasses and wore a plain gray shirt. He tied his jacket around his waist, completing the unassuming image.



Rose Leslie wore sunglasses as well, along with a comfortable tank top and jeans. Their ensembles were perfect for Glastonbury, but fans still spotted (and took ~interesting~ photos) of the famous couple who starred together on Game of Thrones.

Despite the attention surrounding them, it looks like the couple had a good time. And things are looking even better for Kit Harington and Rose Leslie; according to Kit himself, the two will soon be moving in together somewhere in New York City. Between that and the return of Game of Thrones, for what promises to be an explosive season, we’d say this happy couple is riding high.

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