Kit Harington’s hair is still long, which is pretty much proof that he’ll be back on ‘Game of Thrones’ (we hope)

The Game of Thrones Season 5 finale was three weeks ago. We’re still talking about it. It kinda feels a little ridiculous to keep putting a spoiler warning here, because it appears as if all 7+ billion people on this Earth know what happens. But if you’re still not caught up, go watch the season finale right now. We’ll wait.

Caught up? Good. Jon Snow is killed by his fellow men on the Night’s Watch in the final moments of “Mother’s Mercy.” Like, he’s really killed. Really, really. The executive producers, writers, directors, and Kit Harington have all addressed his death, and explained that he’s REALLY DEAD. But for some reason, we continue to hold out hope that they’re joking around with us like, Jon Snow’s not really dead LOL! GoT wouldn’t do that to us.

Adding fuel to this ever-growing is he dead? fire, Harington was just spotted watching a game at Wimbledon and he looks — can you handle it? — like Jon Snow. Well of course he looks like Jon Snow, he is Jon Snow. But Harington’s still got the long, luscious, Jon Snow locks, along the trademark Jon Snow pout.

It’s common for actors to completely transform their look after they’ve wrapped a role for film or television. Like, how Emma Watson chopped off all her hair after the last Harry Potter film, and was soon sporting an adorable pixie cut. The fact that Harington hasn’t cut his hair, and still has the beard, speaks volumes. Because why would he keep it if he doesn’t have to?

But maybe Harington misses Jon Snow as much as we do, and doesn’t want to let go of the hair and the beard just yet.


If you can believe it, GoT  starts filming again in a couple of weeks, and Harington’s hair might be the first big spoiler of Season 6. We’ll keep you posted as the Jon Snow Death Watch continues to develop.

(Images via HBO and Twitter.)

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