Kit Harington teaching Ginger Spice this famous “GoT” line is exactly what you need today

Just when you thought the eclipse was the ultimate overlap of that which should never meet, a new video of Kit Harington teaching Ginger Spice a line from Game of Thrones has emerged, and it is everything. Go ahead and read that headlines as many times as you need, it won’t change the fact that there is documented evidence of Jon Snow and our favorite red-haired Spice Girl getting along famously. But can Ginger get the read right? There’s more to GoT line reads than a few lost gazes off the chilly hills of The North. There’s conviction, there’s stone-faced delivery, there’s…this video. Enjoy.

The stars met up at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza on Sunday, September 3rd, for this impromptu acting lesson.

“You know nothing, Jon Snow,” repeat the two until Ginger finally (it takes a few tries) nails it. While Ms. Geri Halliwell-Horner is no stranger to the acting game (uh, Spice World, anyone?), one would be foolish to pass up a quick how-to from Westeros’ most controversial snow-prince — even if it does take place alongside the revving of multiple motor engines.  Geri looks to have had the best time this weekend, sneaking us this vid of her husband, driver Christian Horner, behind the scenes with some other motorists at the race held in Monza, Italy:

As far as her audition for Game of Thrones goes, we’re impressed. She totally nails the sort of cold hopelessness we’ve all come to know and love from the show that makes us scream at our TV screens on a regular basis.

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