Kit Harington basically bows down to this “Love Actually” actress

As though we needed another reason to adore Game of Thrones dreamboat Kit Harington, he recently did an interview with W Magazine in which he discussed a variety of things before revealing two things that make him even more perfect in our eyes. Prepare yourselves…

His favorite actor is a woman (and it’s Emma Thompson, so double bonus points) and his favorite scene from a movie is from Love Actually.


When asked about his favorite actors, Kit Harington didn’t hesitate to gush over Emma Thompson. And we totally get it — as he says, she’s basically royalty.

"Acting royalty to me is Emma Thompson. I can't even begin to understand how she does what she does so naturally and so effortlessly, so brilliantly. As, sort of, well-respected as she is, I feel like she's one of those actors who is not lauded enough.


He then went a step further, making us love him even more by speaking at length about Emma Thompson’s amazing performance in Love Actually.

Much like Thompson herself – although Love Actually is a film almost everybody has at least heard of – we feel like it doesn’t get nearly the praise it deserves, and we love that Kit took the time to do it.

"My favorite moment in any film, and it's a weird one, it's in Love Actually, when she finds that her husband is cheating on her, she gets the gift, and she leaves the room. She goes into her room and she cries, she settles herself, and she comes back. And by the time she'd left the room and come back, everything in her life has changed, but nothing has at the same time. It's beautiful acting."

Ugh. So yeah, this is basically your weekly reminder that Kit Harington is more or less perfect, Emma Thompson is amazing, and also that we should spend at least thirty seconds every day being grateful for both of these wonderful people.


Check out the full interview below!

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