Kit Harington actually really liked it when Jon Snow was dead

The cat’s out of the bag: Jon Snow is very much alive. Last week’s episode of Game of Thrones, “Home,” was one of the most shocking of the series. After Melisandre worked her magic to resurrect Jon Snow’s lifeless body and he opened his eyes, we were screaming at the TV. We waited MONTHS to find out his fate. Months! And now, we finally know the truth.

Actor Kit Harington has already apologized for messing with our heads for so long. The resurrection scene was apparently a very complex one to shoot, and director Jeremy Podeswa wanted everything to be just right. But for all the hard work that went into it, Harington says it was a pretty easy scene for him to shoot. He mostly just had to play dead and let actress Carice van Houten resurrect (aka, wash him and chant a few spells) his basically naked body.


“It was such an easy two episodes, I loved it,” Harington told Entertainment Weekly. “I’m in a warm room, which is unusual for me.”

Not saying that we’re jealous of Carice van Houten, but, yes. We’re extremely jealous of Carice van Houten. Harington said the experience was “very weird, like a teenage boy’s wet dream—you’re laying there naked and Carice van Houten is washing you.”

The actor is just being modest though, and Podeswa echoed what we assumed to be true: That Harington is a dream to work with, whether he’s playing dead or alive.

“Kit’s fantastic in so many ways, he’s a wonder actor and a wonderful person and was really patient,” he said. “He was great pretending to be dead and really gracious.”

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