Kirstie Alley is going to be on “Scream Queens” and we cannot contain our excitement

Ever since we saw Lea Michele as “Hannibal Hester” in a delightful promo for the new season of Scream Queens, we have been anxiously anticipating this screamingly delightful show’s return. And now we have one more major reason to get super excited:

According to DeadlineKirstie Alley is joining the cast as a series regular. 


The seasoned actress and comedic goddess will be lending her talents to the cast as part of the hospital staff of C.U.R.E., where the second season is set to take place.

She’ll be playing the hospital administrator who is not only highly intelligent, but also a total trickster.

Alley will be perfect for the role. Not only because we already know she’s a hilarious performer, but also because we’ve already seen her absolutely nail roles in major dark comedies before.

Drop Dead Gorgeousanyone?


Alley is clearly as excited as the rest of us about her involvement in the show, having tweeted this perfect use of emojis to first break the news.

She will be joining an already stacked line up of major talent, including Lea Michele, Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Taylor Lautner, and John Stamos. It only seems appropriate that this show has an underlying horror theme because the anticipation of seeing all these stars work together is literally ~killing~ us.

You can catch Scream Queens season 2 Tuesdays on Fox starting September 20.

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