Kirsten Dunst has a touching way of saying goodbye to her characters

We hear all the time about the rituals actors have to get ready for their roles, but not as much about how they finish them. When Kirsten Dunst stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to discuss the second season of Fargo, she revealed the neat thing she does to say goodbye to the characters she plays.

“After I’m done with a role I’ll write a little note to myself to kind of sign out,” she said. “I write to myself basically, ‘Kirsten, you’re done now.’”

She doesn’t save the notes because, as she explained, it’s more about turning a switch inside of her brain rather than the actual note she produces.

We understand how when you’re as good of an actress as Kirsten, you can get fully immersed in your character. This is a unique way of stepping back outside of the world you’ve created. We’d definitely love to see these notes, but we feel just as lucky seeing her amazing performances instead.

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