Kirsten Dunst just shared a flashback from her “Star Trek” days — beam us up, please!

She is one of our favorite actresses who was a full-fledged STAR when she was a child and has managed to maintain that status throughout her career. And that’s why this Flashback Friday photo of Kirsten Dunst on Star Trek is such a gem. Dunst shared the photo on her Instagram account and it’s completely and utterly precious.

If you’re not up-to-date on your Star Trek: The Next Generation, Dunst was in the episode “Dark Page” as Hedril, a pupil of Lwaxana Troi — Deanna’s mom. Even if that went over your head, no worries. You can still enjoy this adorable Dunst old school pic without being a Trekkie.

The cuteness is almost too much! Beyond the PERFECT dog, you’ve got Dunst in all her dimpled glory hanging out in her Star Trek: TNG chair in costume.

If the photo is not enough for you, you can see her in action chatting with Geordi La Forge and Data in the below clip at :57.

Her Star Trek appearance was in 1993, right before she became a famous child movie star. And although Dunst doesn’t post often on Instagram, she does frequently post throwbacks and flashbacks from her beloved movies.

Like this Jumanji one.

It was a simpler time then with Robin Williams. ?

Or this The Virgin Suicides one.

The actress playfully teased Suicide Squad.

Or hanging with Michelle Williams in Dick.

One of our personal favorites from the ’90s, plus totally appropriate for Fourth of July.

Or when she posed with Brad Pitt for Interview with a Vampire.

Where’s Tom Cruise?

Or this more recent, but still full of nostalgia, pic of Marie Antoinette.

How we adore Jason Schwartzman!

And finally, this old school Little Women pic.

They may not be in costume, but seeing Amy, Laurie, and Jo is bringing tears to our eyes.

So, yes, Dunst is the queen of nostalgia. And it just makes us love her all the more here on earth or up in space.