Never forget when Kirsten Dunst starred in all these ’80s and ’90s commercials

We don’t remember a time when Kirsten Dunst wasn’t on our radar. This is especially the case right now, since she’s going to be directing the upcoming The Bell Jar movie with the lovely Dakota Fanning. However, even we have to admit that we haven’t seen everything Kirsten Dunst has ever done – including all the commercials she started doing at the age of 3.

To make up for our lack of Kirsten Dunst knowledge, we went on a quest and found the following (prepare yourselves!):

But that isn’t all. The actress also starred in a Pillsbury commercial in 1985:

And in a Kix cereal commercial one year later:

There’s also another baby doll commercial on her resume, which was filmed in 1989:

1989 was a GREAT year for Kirsten:

Plus, there’s this 1991 ad for the board game Back Off Buzzard:

Kirsten was clearly a board game commercial queen:

All we have to say is: long live Kirsten Dunst (and her commercials).

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