Kirsten Dunst snuck into an episode of “Black Mirror,” and it’s so fast you definitely missed her

Black Mirror is known for hiding Easter eggs – sometimes super buried, sometimes in plain sight — throughout just about every episodes. It’s all but confirmed that somehow, everything in this world is connected in a cool, mind-bending way. But Black Mirror Easter eggs aren’t the only Easter eggs the show’s hiding, as this season included a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo from Kirsten Dunst in the episode “U.S.S. Callister.”

It’s so fast, you definitely missed her as an employee at the tech company, Callister, who is probably wandering through the office in search of a vanilla latte, with skim milk.

If this seems like a completely out of the blue cameo in the episode, it’s not. Don’t you forget that Kirsten Dunst is actually engaged to the episode’s star, Jesse Plemons. There might even be a baby on the way for these two — and since they probably won’t be showing their little one an episode of the second season of Fargo (where they first connected) any time soon, they can at least play “U.S.S. Callister” for them…in about, like, 15 years. Maybe sooner, as the episode is damn good and also super timely for today’s world.

As for Dunst’s appearance onscreen? After Nanette introduces herself to Robert, Walton takes her on a tour of the office to meet everyone. While Nanette is saying hello (and, spoiler alert, meeting the IRL people she’s about to be stuck with in Bob’s computer), Dunst briskly walks through the scene.


Hopefully Dunst’s character doesn’t have her own secret and sketchy demo mode of Callister where she tortures her coworkers, too.

Dunst isn’t the only major star with a cameo in “U.S.S. Callister,” as there’s another one with a direct connection to Plemons. That voice at the end of the episode, the self-proclaimed “King of Space?” That’s Aaron Paul, and these two go way back to the final season of Breaking Bad, where Plemons played the worst character on the show (ugh, Todd).

Maybe you caught these things the first time around, or maybe you need a second viewing of this episode — and actually the whole season of Black Mirror. Hey, any excuse to rewatch it, right?