Kirsten Dunst was the cutest Baby Sitter’s Club baby ever, just look

Kirsten Dunst has been acting her whole life (Little Women? Jumanji, anyone?). But it turns out, even before she was an adorable little child actor, she was actually an adorable tiny model. Way before her first big starring role in Interview with a Vampire, Dunst actually graced the cover of one of our FAVORITE book series. Way back when, she was a child model for the Baby-Sitter’s Club books.

Stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk up her brand new role in FX’s Fargo, Kimmel surprised Dunst with this paper-back book. We’ve got Babysitter Claudia holding a little Dunst, on the cover of Baby-Sitter’s Club #2, “Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls.” (The one where we needed to find out if the phantom phone caller is the jewel thief, The Phantom Caller??)

As Dunst explains, even though the image looks like it’s a painting, it’s really not. Hey, even back in the late ’80s people knew how to do a little bit of photo retouching, so no, Dunst wasn’t being held for “nine hours” while someone drew her likeness. “You know what? It was a photo shoot, but then they made it look like a painting, I guess,” Dunst explains.

It’s also a precious little picture of her, because check out those overalls. We love it so much. And hey, none of us can claim that our first gig was on the cover of an Ann M. Martin classic.

Check out the video of Dunst and her cover below. Let’s hear a collective, “awww.”

Image via YouTube