Kip Dynamite (Napoleon’s brother) is a handsome hipster with a beard now

We need to talk about the cast of Napoleon Dynamite real quick, guys. You know how Debbie (aka Deb) got super edgy and Napoleon turned into a TOTAL babe? Well, we don’t know what is up with that cast, but yet another actor ended up being really, really trendy, and it’s Kip, otherwise known as Napoleon’s brother who chats with hotties all day on the ~net~.

Like, yeah. This guy.


We’re so serious! We wouldn’t lie to you. But, like, see for yourself.

Here’s Kip, aka Aaron Ruell, in 2005, just a year after Napoleon Dynamite came out.


Aw, what a cutie! And so the beard begins. Though we know him as Kip, he’s actually more of a director. He was even dubbed “one of the emerging directors to know now” by Creativity. He’s also directed a huge variety of commercials, like, we’re talkin’ T-Mobile to Nintendo and Coke to Burger King. It’s pretty cool!

And here he is at a Napoleon Dynamite screening in 2014.


Are we the only ones suffering from majorly embarrassing heart eyes right now? The beard. The hipster vibes. Our hearts.

Like, OMG.


We’re not blushing you’re blushing!!!! Aaron Ruell got so cute, and also so accomplished! One of his ~claims to fame~ is that he was the only filmmaker to have two films, Everything’s Gone Green and Mary premiere at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival.

Who’da thunk? Well done, Kip.