Too Many Kings: The ‘Game of Thrones’ parody of ‘Too Many Cooks’ is just as catchy

It’s been about 5 months since Adult Swim’s ‘Too Many Cooks‘ became the viral earworm phenomenon that confused and entertained so many people. Considering the popularity of the strange “show” I expected the the good people of the Interweb to crank out parodies but it is really hard to come close to the oddly charming and scary tone of ‘Too Many Cooks’. Well, Alex Cohen beyond the Wall and created this amazing mash up of all five seasons of  ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Too Many Cooks’. The song is the same but since GOT has so many characters it fits perfectly! Watch this new version of ‘Too Many Cooks’ featuring the fine men and women of the Known World, in ‘Too Many Kings’

*SPOILER ALERT: If you are not caught up on  ‘Game of Thrones’ you might not want to watch this.

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