King Joffrey’s “Game of Thrones” audition tape will chill you to the core

King Joffrey was the WORST. He was sooo annoying that we’re low-key glad we don’t have to deal with him on Game of Thrones anymore, that being said, have you seen his audition for the show?

Because it is FREAKY.

In the audition, he is asked to say the line “My God, it’s sunny outside” in two different ways. First, he’s asked to perform it like a regular teenager and then again as if he were a villain.

And when he recites the line as a villain, it’s pure CHILLS.

Game of Thrones showrunner David Benioff described it as, “like he flipped a switch and he became the most despicable teenager on the planet.”

It’s only 26 seconds of acting but it’s GOOD. Well, too bad his character was poisoned and actor Jack Gleeson says he’s retiring from acting.

Also, Khal Drogo’s audition tape is absolutely epic and you can watch that here.