King Charles Laughs At Fan’s Plea to Bring Prince Harry Back

The King was visiting a college campus when a fan asked about Prince Harry's whereabouts.

King Charles has been making quite the headlines this week. The British Monarch left Londoners dazed and confused when he laughed off a fan’s plea to reunite Prince Harry with his home across the pond. Charles was visiting the University of East London when someone in the crowd mentioned his youngest.

“Bring back Harry, please sir! Please, please. Can you bring him back, sir?” a fan asked the King in a video shared to Twitter by @jozzzaphen.

It appears Charles didn’t hear the first half of the question because he responded, “Who?” The onlooker replied, “Harry, your son!,” to which Charles ignored with a loud chuckle and walked away.

Fans were struck off balance by Charles’s glum response. Just last month, several royal insiders claimed that the King is actively trying to spark a truce between Prince William and Harry, so he can have both sons under one roof for his upcoming coronation ceremony.

Charles’s scoff heard around the world doesn’t totally fall in line with reports from sources within the palace. It’s rumored that he has enlisted the help of Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby to mediate Harry and William’s strife.

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Charles’s coronation ceremony is set to take place on May 6th — so he has just under three months to get his socks in order.

During their East London travels, Charles and Queen Consort Camilla also visited a historic mosque, where the King had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction.

Out of respect, Camilla put on a headscarf before entering the mosque. Charles meanwhile removed his shoes. Though, it appears he didn’t think twice when picking out his socks that morning.

Clearly visible on the top of his right foot, by his two middle toes, was a gaping hole, according to photos obtained by ET.

It was reported that Charles experienced another hiccup at a nearby restaurant afterwards. Upon adding a sugar cube to his tea, the cup was swiftly taken from the table.

Charles nor the palace has publicly commented on the King’s East London travels.

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