King Charles Wears Indigenous Bracelet in Portrait to Show “Sensitivity”

The new oil painting is meant to capture the king’s “warmth” and “sensitivity.”

King Charles opted to don a sentimental piece of jewelry in his first commissioned portrait as head of the British monarchy. Painted by artist Alastair Barford, the oil portrait depicts Charles wearing a bracelet which is said to be a personal gift from an indigenous Amazon leader.

It was Barford’s idea to include the indigenous-made jewelry to showcase Charles’s “sensitivity,” he told the Independent.

Given the current royal blood bath between Charles and his estranged sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, presenting Charles’s “warmth” and “empathy” appeared to be a priority.

Barford was hired to paint Charles by the Illustrated London News for its upcoming coronation issue.

Instead of having Charles sit and pose for the portrait, Barford shadowed him at a biodiversity event at Buckingham Palace. He had the opportunity to observe Charles for around 90 minutes as he made his way around the reception and interacted with his guests.

“I wanted it to be more about the man and less about the role,” Barford told the outlet of his inspiration for the painting. “I was trying to capture something of a warmth and an empathy which I saw in his interactions with those people when I was there.”

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The bracelet is reportedly a gift from the leader of the Achuar Nation of the Ecuadorian Amazon, Domingo Peas. Additionally, Charles was given a necklace made from seeds to symbolize “an alliance between the King and indigenous people.”

“I thought it was really nice to leave the bracelet in as a nod to the event and a nod to his interest in environmental matters,” Barford explained.

Britons and royals fans can see the portrait in the Illustrated London News. Charles has yet to commission a painting of his own for the Palace.

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