A kindergartner and a toddler just had the dance-off to end all dance-offs

Watch out, Silentó, you have some new competition… when these two little girls “whipped” and “nae-nae’d” their way in front of their mother’s camera.

“I could hear them having fun in the room next door I just didn’t know they were making this video,” their mom, Amy Johnson, explained. She only later found out the genius that had gone down in her household.

The singing and dancing sisters, Jordan, 5, and Sydney, 1, live in the Chicago suburbs. Their mother said she was folding laundry in the other room and left the camera in record mode, though these WGN newscasters think she may have been instigating the dance-off. However, IRL, I have seen friends’ toddlers go dance-and-sing crazy over “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” so I don’t think Jordan and Sydney had to be prompted. That song is basically catchy for everybody.

Though the lyrics aren’t the most kid-friendly, the cuteness factor makes up for it, especially when Jordan gets to the “Now break your legs, break your legs…” stanzas. I wonder if Silentó knows he has this whole other pre-K audience?

Silentó went viral himself with “Watch Me,” which initially started out as a 15-second Instagram video. Who knows? Maybe Jordan and Sydney will be next to get a deal with Capitol Records like he did. “I know all the girls are going to be my fans,” the singer said to Billboard. He got that right.

Motivated by their mom or not, the video is way too cute not to watch. Unedited, it’s nine minutes, but you can check it out the two-and-a-half minutes version here.

Image via YouTube

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