Kindergarten Teacher Wendy Killian Goes Above and Beyond to Change a Student’s Life

Teachers are special people. Even the mean ones like my senior year history teacher Mr. Weiss. They work long hours for crap pay and watch kids like me snooze through class and pick their noses, all in hopes of making a difference. And while many of them do make a difference by showing their students the power in knowledge, few of them are able to change a life like Wendy Killian.

When Wendy, a Kindergarten teacher in Cleveland, Ohio, met with the Millers for a parent-teacher conference, she learned that the Millers’ daughter Nicole was in desperate need of a kidney. Thanks to a genetic disorder that caused kidney malformation and often left Nicole fatigued, she regularly missed school and her condition was becoming critical. Wendy’s own son had received a blood platelet transfusion a few years prior, and (after doing her homework) she decided she wanted to help — So Wendy became the donor that Nicole so desperately needed.

And while she may be short a kidney, Wendy Killian’s definitely got heart.

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