This kid just reviewed his first day of school and the growing pains are too real

Remember that moment when you discovered the world wasn’t all sunshine and roses? No, we’re not talking about your first bully or big break-up. We mean your first day of elementary school. Kindergarten, as it turns out, is not for the weak.

In a video called “Kindergarten Reality Check” posted to YouTube this past week, an adorably disappointed little boy tells it like it is. Brace yourselves. This is the gritty reality of kindergarten.

To give the vid some context, apparently this kid had come home and given his first day of school a review of “medium.” Not “good,” you guys. Definitely not “good.” When questioned about the specifics, the boy explains, “Because there was only math and, like learning, and it wasn’t that fun.”

(Side note: This is the moment I knew this kid was my actual everything. Math. Sigh.)

An off-camera adult asks what the kid expected, because after all, we’re talking about school here, where you go to, you know, learn things. Yes, even MATH (the horror!) He responds by saying he’d expected to “…play and have fun, but it was only just learning.” He seems genuinely baffled by the whole experience, in the most adorably soul-crushing way possible. Our hearts!

The good news is that he’s already figured out one of the best ways to cope with life’s many disappointments. Ice cream.

You can watch whole video below. It’s sort of like looking in the mirror after a long day at work. We feel you, kid. Oh how we feel you. Now pass the Rocky Road.


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Images and video via YouTube.

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