These are the kind of topics that people apparently don’t like discussing on dating apps

We don’t have to tell you that dating these days is hard. We all know that it’s the worst. What makes it the worst? Well, one thing that muddies the waters is depending on dating apps rather than face-to-face interaction to meet people. No one really seems to know how to get positive results.

Luckily, Hinge (who has proven that they are, like us, sick of this nonsense) has been doing some research on what tends to turn people off on dating apps, and they have shared that data with us.

Some of their data we simply don’t understand or maybe we’re just really bad at internet dating? Either way, here’s the topics that turn people off on dating app Hinge.


Self-promotion was the biggest turn-off across the board. Who likes a narcissist? Hinge found that self-indulgence led to a 53 percent decrease in interest and convos. Some of the specific examples they give include “Find me on snapchat” and “my theme song.”

2Date Hints

This one threw us for a loop. Shouldn’t the person swiping be grateful that this other person is giving them date ideas? Guess not. Including topics like “Movie I’m dying to see” and “favorite bar” slashed interest by 46 percent. Maybe too much pressure?

3Family Dynamics

This one also surprised us. Hinge says that revealing information about your fam, e.g. “my family in a nutshell,” or “my parents named me after,” could lead to a 44 percent decrease in conversations and attention. We’re a little sad that talking about our families could be detrimental.

Does talking about one’s dating preferences and one’s family suggest narcissism as much as blatant self-promotion? Are people just more interesting when they’re mysterious? Who knows.

At any rate, the biggest online dating day of the year is right around the corner. So, do what you will with this information. Good luck!