It’s kinda crazy how much Cara Delevingne looks like her dad

Cara Delevingne is currently one of the most famous models and actresses in the world. For the last few years, Delevingne has been one of the entertainment industry’s biggest “It Girls,” gracing the big screen in Suicide Squad and Paper Towns and walking the most iconic runways all over the world. Simply put: Delevingne is stunning. As with most beautiful people, we tend to forget that they’re real people and their looks come from ~impeccable~ genes and not scientists.  And  Delevingne just showed us exactly where she got her good looks by posting a throwback photo of her Dad on Instagram.

Check out the Insta below:

For starters, Delevingne’s dad, Charles, was really hot back in the day. Not that he’s aging terribly, but we have a LOT of follow-up questions for Delevingne about her dad. But more importantly, it’s scary how much she looks like him. What stands out most to us is that this throwback photo shows the exact same eyes and “power brows” Delevingne’s become famous for.

Charles has appeared on his daughter’s Instagram sporadically, but we’ve never put two and two together. Last Christmas, Delevingne posted a family photo to her Instagram and in the pic, Charles is clearly making a funny face at a baby. Upon further inspection, you can see that he is also a master of brows.

It’s truly amazing how much Cara looks like her dad. Genetics are a truly amazing thing in that subtle facial features, like having the same thick eyebrows, can really make a child look like one parent over the other.

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