This kind of underwear will bring the most happiness to your vagina

You may think that athletic, moisture-wicking undies are the best thing since sliced bread (because who doesn’t love feeling dry down there and eating delicious carbs?). But when it comes to keeping your vagina happy, cotton underwear are actually best.

According to women’s health expert Dr. Jennifer Wider, wearing breathable fabrics, like cotton, will keep your vagina healthiest. She tells HelloGiggles, “It’s important to wear breathable fabrics for your underwear, like 100% cotton, and to avoid synthetic fabrics like nylon.”

"Yeast grows in moist, warm environments and wearing breathable fabrics can lessen your chances of getting a yeast infection," adds Dr. Wider.

Plus, cotton is gentle and won’t irritate your skin — unlike other fabrics, including silk — so wearing cotton underwear will help you avoid uncomfortable inflammation in your most sensitive parts.

Before you get your knickers in a knot (har har), let us share some good news: There are plenty of super cute cotton undies on the market, so you can feel your best in more ways than one. Shop our 100% cotton picks below!

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Wishing you an easy-breathing summer!

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