The trailer for “Kimmy Schmidt” Season 3 has it all — college, divorce, and printing your own money

Rejoice! The trailer for the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 3 is finally here, and our precious Kimmy is growing up so fast! One second she’s being released from her underground bunker and discovering the subway, the next second, she’s headed off to college! Oh, how time flies.

Yes, since Kimmy has already conquered mostly everything else in New York City, her next big stop is COLLEGE! She’s excited to go, even though college doesn’t have recess. She’s fine with it. Really. Because recess is for babies.

Divorce also appears to be for babies, because Kimmy is hella dragging her feet when it comes it cutting ties with Richard Wayne Gary Wayne (still in prison, still perfectly played by Jon Hamm). Kimmy would sign the divorce papers, but “nobody in New York uses pens anymore. Everyone just vapes each other now.”


It also wouldn’t be the return of Kimmy Schmidt without Titus Andromedon. He’s printing his own money (all he’s got to do is master how to draw ears), refusing to make sexy ghost pottery with Lillian, and Lemonad-ing his ex’s truck, AS YOU DO.


All this and so much more will happen during Kimmy Schmidt Season 3. Clear your schedule, because it all drops on May 19th, only on Netflix. Fudge yes.