‘Kimmy Schmidt’ season 2 updates are here!

LISTEN UP, this is a Kimmy Schmidt updated. While we don’t have a season two to binge — yet — we’ve at least got some Kimmy Schmidt news to hold us over. Momma Schmidt is alive, damnit. This is a miracle!

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the darling Ellie Kemper at a recent Emmy event in LA, and while she didn’t offer up a whole lot of details about the new season, she clued is a little bit about Momma Schmidt.

“What I know about her is that she wore short skirts and maybe wasn’t the most attentive mother so it might be a sad revelation who the mother was,” she explained, “[Kimmy] didn’t really have a family to go back to so I’m interested to know who that mom will be. I have a feeling whatever sadness is there will be dealt with a humorous way.”

Oh man, so pumped. You know Tina Fey will snag the best actress to play her, too. Kemper continued adding that, “Joan Cusack played my mom in the series finale of The Office, which was amazing. That was great casting. I’m not going to name any other woman because what if a woman gets insulted that I said they could play my mom? So I’ll just name my mom: Dotty Kemper.”

Listen, if Dotty Kemper is just as charming and full of life as Ellie, we’ll take it. Is it too much to ask for Tituss’ mom to show up, too?

At the panel, Tina Fey also answered the question that we all have on our minds: Are there going to be any more Pinot Noir-esque songs?

“I’m sure we’ll have more songs,” Fey said, according to Vulture. She turned to Carol Kane, who plays Kimmy and Titus’ landlady Lillian on the show. “Carol, you can attest to how slapdash that was. It was made up on the spot.”

“Yes, it was the instincts that Tituss had,” Kane answered.

“I’m pretty sure it was at the table read,” Fey continued. “Tituss saw it in the script and said, ‘What’s this?’ And Jeff [Richmond, Fey’s husband and the executive producer of the show] said, ‘Just sing whatever.’” Voila, magic.

If you’ll excuse us, we’ll be listening to this until the next season drops.

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