6 reasons we’re embracing Kimmy Schmidt as the ultimate role model

Last year, a bubbly ginger with the heart of gold waltzed unexpectedly into our lives. As if a gust of fresh air, she came into this decade with a rejuvenated sense of curiosity and an excitement, a joie de vivre the rest of us seemed to have left somewhere in the ’90s. Although she isn’t your conventional hero, after spending now 26 episodes alongside her adventures, it’s clear to see that Kimmy Schmidt is the type of role model we’ve all been waiting for — and the type of role model who could help us all remember some of life’s little joys. Here are just a few reasons why Kimmy is exactly who our role-model-seeking-hearts need.

She’s always positive.

For someone who spent 15 years thinking the world had been scorched in a nuclear apocalypse, Kimmy has maintained a remarkable outlook on the world.  Sure, she could choose to dwell on the fact that she has a middle school education, spent her late teens and 20s as a “mole woman,” or that her backpack full of victim cash got stolen her first night in New York. Instead, she focuses on the smaller, finer things in life – like closets for bedrooms and light up sneakers.


She gives great advice.

If you can say one thing about Kimmy Schmidt, it’s that she’s a trooper. Living in a small confined space, like a cult-sponsored bunker, gives you a lot of time to think and figure out the world. Since being rescued, Kimmy has shared her universal wisdom with those around her. From putting things into a manageable perspective (you can do anything if you just take it 10 seconds at a time) to the importance of listening to your intuition, Kimmy knows a thing or two about the world and we should all be taking notes. Go give them heck for fudge-sake, goshdangit!


She knows the importance of inner beauty.

Kimmy’s last experience with the society was in a world without selfies, iPhones (yes, that is a Macintosh), and social media. Like many of us, she falls victim to society’s standards and after a trip to the plastic surgeon with Mrs. Voorhees, decides she really needs to do something about those “scream lines.” Before the doctor, who can’t move his own face, can make his injections though, Kimmy realizes that beauty comes from within.  Although a somewhat alien concept to the rest of us, she shows us time and time again that our insistent need for validation through likes and follows is futile and worthless. We don’t need an edit to be beautiful.


She follows her heart, not her wallet.

While at a party thrown by the Voorhees, Kimmy meets billionaire Logan Beekman. You know, the Logan Beekman. Beekman Park? The Beekman Institute for Art That Actually Looks Like Something? Beekman’s Disease? No? It’s okay, she doesn’t know him either.

Still, charmed by Kimmy and her naiveté about the world and who is Daddy is, Logan becomes infatuated and the two embark on a wistful fairytale romance… until Kimmy realizes that he’s the literal worst. He’s jealous, stuck up, and quite frankly, an idiot. So, instead of staying in a horrible relationship with her rich suitor who has borderline inappropriate feelings towards his father, Kimmy follows her heart and pursues Dong, her math tutor from GED class, teaching us that money isn’t everything. Also, dolphins need water.


She’s not scared to work on herself.

Even though Kimmy’s life is normally a ray or sunshine, sometime’s the clouds seep in and she finds herself in a blacked out rage assaulting a cardboard cutout. Happens to the best of us, right? The more convenient thing to do would be to live in denial about the trauma and just continue on with life — but Kimmy never takes the easy way out. Instead of being embarrassed about the pain she’s experienced, she works hard and tirelessly with her alcoholic but insightful therapist towards a breakthrough that will make her a better, healthier, and happier Kimmy.


She never gives up.

Things don’t always come easy for Kimmy Schmidt, but somehow she always soldiers on. She doesn’t shy away from hard moments, she takes risks, finds the silver lining in every situation, and she makes the best of things when they don’t go her way. More than that, she doesn’t let those around her fall flat on their faces either. When things get tough, she’s always there for the people she cares about. If anything, we can all learn from her tenacious positivity. After all, she’s unbreakable… because females are strong as hell.


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