“Kimmy Schmidt” and “Orange is the New Black” both exist in the same glorious television world

If you spent all weekend binging Season 3 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, congrats! You may keep reading. If you did not spend all weekend binging, and feel like spoiling one of the best jokes of the season, then fine, keep reading, you do you, YOLO.

As it’s already been established — and also well documented — that Kimmy Schmidt takes place in the same universe as our beloved 30 Rock, both which happen to be Tina Fey joints. But, it turns out that’s not the only shared-universe when it comes to Kimmy. As we learned in Episode 5, “Kimmy Steps on a Crack!”,  Kimmy also lives in the same television space as Orange is the New Black.

Because, of course Kimmy Schmidt does.

Gretchen, one of Kimmy’s Mole Women buddies, has started her own cult and the FBI is desperate to shut it down. They do. They also cart Gretchen off to prison, and not just any prison. At the end of the episode, we find out that Gretchen is going to be locked up in the one and only Litchfield Penitentiary. AND, the icing on this perfect television cake, Gretchen shows up at prison with Black Cindy by her side.


This also might explain how Black Cindy came to be Black Cindy, because have we ever met another Cindy at Litchfield? No. But Gretchen knows another Cindy, one of the other Mole Women. Knowing Gretchen, it makes sense for her to call one Cindy just Cindy, and the other Cindy Black Cindy.

That’s not all, though. There’s another show that Kimmy might connect to: Daredevil. The other woman with these two, Elaine, signs to them that the “Yakuza cut out [her] tongue,” and the Yakuza happen to be pretty big bad guys in Hell’s Kitchen.


So now can we hope for a Kimmy Schmidt cameo in this season of OITNB? Or even The Defenders?? Is this just the beginning of the Expanded Netflix Universe? Whatever happens, we’ll be watching.

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