8 gosh-dang great “Kimmy Schmidt” accessories every fan needs

We may have to wait a loooong time until season three of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (at which point, let’s be real, we’ll just binge-watch it in one day again), but in the mean time, Kimmy Schmidt fans can buy these gosh-dang amazing accessories that will make you look fab — even with hashbrown no filter.

#Hashbrown No Filter metal cuff bracelet, Etsy, $11.50


Super Instagrammable. Get it here.

Pinot Noir totebag, Etsy, $10.99


For the wine and Titus lover. Buy it here.

Titus Andromedon stud earrings, Etsy, $10.00


He’ll whisper sarcastic and sassy quips in your ears. Grab ’em here.

Unbreakable knit hat, Etsy, $36.00


To keep you UNBREAKABLE in the winter. Available here.

Females Are Strong As Hell button, Etsy, $1.95


Wear it on your denim jacket with pride. Buy it here.

What Would Kimmy Schmidt Do? beaded bracelet, Etsy, $15.50


Because honestly, whatever Kimmy does is what you should probably do, too. Purchase it here.

But I Already Did Something Today totebag, Etsy, $15.00


If someone asks you to do something, you point to this. Get it here.

Customizable Females Are Strong As Hell bracelet, Esty, $25.00


BECAUSE YOU ARE STRONG AS HELL. (With or without the bracelet, which you can get here.)

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