Kimberly J. Brown (aka Marnie) from “Halloweentown” reveals who her character would have ended up with

Kimberly J. Brown was a fixture in early DCOMs. From Quints to Halloweentown, she was always lovable, totally relatable, and absolutely seemed like somebody you could hang out with. We came to love her as Marnie Piper, badass little witch coming into her powers and saving the world over and over again, and we’re still a bit heartbroken that she was re-cast in Return to Halloweentown.

No disrespect to Sara Paxton who replaced her, but we’re pretty loyal to the original. With Halloweentown becoming popular again as it tends to do around its titular holiday, Seventeen sat down with Kimberly J. Brown to talk Halloweentown, and we looooove getting this inside scoop.

Bonus: she also clued us in on who she thinks Marnie would’ve ended up with, which is something we’re obvi dying to know.


To build up the suspense to the ultimate reveal though, let’s talk about something we mentioned at the beginning — the controversial recasting of Marnie Piper in the most recent installment of the franchise. Kimberly J. Brown is incredibly considerate and level-headed about it, especially considering she is personally a big fan of the series.

She explained,

"The entertainment industry is a crazy business. I've been in the business for over 25 years. At the end of the day, there's been a lot of things that I've had to chalk up to just being an actor in a crazy industry. That was one of those things. I was disappointed for the fans. And I guess a little disappointed in general just because I love Marnie and love the series and just would always love to continue to play her. But that was a decision that they made and that's how it went."


Now, down to the good stuff. There was Kal, son of Kalabar, and all-around bad news who supposedly still has a thing for Marnie. There was Luke, who’s now a total babe FYI, but he and Marnie never reeeeally had a thing. And then, of course, there’s Cody. Sweet, sweet Cody.


Kimberly said, "For me, it would be between Cody and Luke. I'm not sure that Marnie ever saw Luke in that way. They were very much like a best friend relationship in the second one, but the possibility could've been explored. I think the door was left open for her to have feelings for Luke."

So there you have it, folks. Luke and Cody are going to have to have a magical fight to the death for Marnie’s heart. (That’s what she said… right?)

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