This beauty vlogger creates makeup looks inspired by her favorite Lush bath bombs, and we’re obsessed

Bath Bombs are the signature beauty product of cosmetic retailer LUSH. And now beauty vlogger Kimberley Margarita is using LUSH Bath Bombs in a totally unexpected way, and it’s getting all sorts of oohs and ahhs on her social media feed.

We know you know about Bath Bombs — they’re colorful bath balls that are packed with essential oils. And they fizz out when you drop them in bath water. We’ve enjoyed many a tranquil evening soaking up their marvelous scents and taking in the psychedelic hues. 

Well, Kimberley Margarita is using Bath Bombs to conjure up the most sensational makeup creations.

Oh, and her Bath Bomb tutorials are actually the bomb.

Take a look at this stunner. We can hardly believe our eyes.

Inspired by the Ups-A-Daisy Bath Bomb, Kimberley has created a ’70s flower child-inspired look. Notice the carefully painted daisies and the metallic sheen on her light blue lips. This creation is to die for.

She actually used glitter from the Bath Bomb to create this “Golden Egg” look.

She’s re-defining how we imagine Easter with this look. We love that the colors are bleeding down her neck. It gives the entire photo an entirely surreal effect. We are digging it.

When asked what she lead her to create these ultra fashionable photos, Kimberley told Bustle how she’s re-interpreted her love for LUSH into something personalized and unique:

"I'm inspired to create LUSH Bath Bomb looks from all the amazing color combos," Kimberley said. "When you drop them in your bath, they're a work of art and I interpret them into makeup designs."

Last but not least, take a peek at this fabulous creation. In the caption, she tells us to “find inspiration everywhere.”

Kimberley, we are certainly inspired and your Instagram is to die for. Please don’t stop. Keep the colors flowing!

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