Kim making out with Kanye at Kourtney’s birthday party will remind you love is real

Kim Kardashian initially shocked fans when she began dating — and eventually married — Kanye West, but the more time passes, the more clear it is that these two A-listers are perfect for each other. After four years of marriage and three children later, Kimye still have that ~spark.~

At Kourtney Kardashian’s 39th birthday party this week (HBD Kourt!), Kim posted a video to Instagram Stories in which she’s making out with her husband like high schoolers under the bleachers at a football game. We know we throw the word around a lot, but this video is GOALS.

“Babe, do you want to go to Dave Chappelle or do you want to go to the studio?” Kim asks in the video (what options!) before perching on Kanye’s lap. Kanye doesn’t respond to her question, and instead goes in for a full-on makeout.  Seriously, this could be a deleted scene from “The Notebook.”


And the couple knows how to have a good laugh, too. Kim playfully dragged her husband on Twitter earlier this week in response to one of his cryptic tweets, which made us love their dynamic even more (and yes, Chrissy Teigen also joined in, NBD).

2018 has been filled with high-profile celebrity break-ups, so an indisputably adorable video of Kim and Kanye sucking face goes a long way to restore our faith in love. Seriously — we didn’t even know how much we needed this, guys.

Never stop warming our icy hearts with your red-hot passion, Kimye. And keep the romantic Instas coming. Please, Yeezy, and thank you.

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