Kim Kardashian’s photoshoot for “Wonderland” is a dreamy ode to nostalgia

If you are feeling ready to embark through delightful fugue state of dreamy photos, Kim Kardashian’s Wonderland magazine photoshoot has been released and the interview and photoshoot paint an utterly surreal, yet comforting portrait of the celebrity royalty.

As we previously reported, the talented photographer Petra Collins shot Kardashian in a pink Juicy Couture tracksuit accessorized with angel wings.

Accompanied with the release of a short video that feature Kardashian narrating her desire for life balance alongside shots of melted candles, floating flower petals and lightly floating bubbles, the Wonderland Fashion Issue 2016 is finally available to readers, and it’s as visually escapist as you would hope.

The photos show Kardashian making her way through a psychedelic dream world that inspires both sleepiness and emotional transcendence.

The color scheme is a strong enough statement on its own.

In some images, Kardashian is presented almost as a peaceful deity.

While in others, she seems like a character in an art-house action film.

There are visual moments from the shoot that feel intentionally voyeuristic, with the vulnerable glow of a secret religious ceremony.

One of the most beautiful aspects of the shoot is that at no point do the photos rob Kardashian of her power.

The whole shoot is a dessert for the eyes.

Do you feel strangely sleepy, sad, or nostalgic yet?

These are all such genuinely lovely photos.

We want to climb inside the ~wonderland~ of this shoot!

Watch the equally swoony behind-the-scenes video below:

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