Kim Kardashian posts her super indulgent In-N-Out cheat meal to Snapchat, is 100% all of us

So, you guys probably know that Kim Kardashian is kind of super famous (and, okay, in a polarizing way) and she just had her second child, Saint West, a mere eight months ago. She (very publicly) set out to drop her baby weight, documenting her journey on Snapchat to lose 60+ pounds, and she did this by adhering to the Atkins diet. Sticking to a diet is tough (and seriously, way to go Kim — your diet seems healthy and balanced!) and sometimes you just need to reward all of your hard work and dedication…with cheese fries from In-N-Out of course.

Honestly, we can’t blame her, girl worked hard for that amazing body. Let’s just say, her cheat meal is all of us. We’ve all (or at least most of us!) have indulged in some junk food, and it’s totally okay!  Treat yo’ self, at least once in awhile, right?

Behold CHEESE fries (oh yeah, and a burger and milkshake too) on Kim K’s Snapchat:


When it comes to a cheat day, it’s go big or go home (or just go through the drive through and eat in the car on your way home). In her Snapchat, Kim K perfectly chronicles our philosophy (and by our, we mean all of us): If you’re going to cheat, cheat all the way and make it some real unhealthy food. To quote Kim K: “Sometimes you just have to!”

And when it’s all said and done, she’s back at it.