What is Kim Kardashian’s mysterious new project?

Kim and the rest of the Kardashians live their life in the public eye. They let us into their world with their show and keep us constantly updated on all sorts of social media.

But it turns out Kim has been keeping a new project totally secret from us (until now). She’s been so secretive about it that we still don’t even know what exactly it is, only that it exists thanks to a sneak peek from a recent Instagram post.

Kim continued to keep mum about the details behind this absolutely stunning picture in her caption, saying simply “#secret project. coming soon”


Luckily, since she did include a special hashtag and shoutouts to those two other Instagram users, we were able to use the wonder of the internet to deduce a possible theory about what the project might be.

Mert Alas (@mertalas) and Marcus Piggot (macpiggot) together are Mert and Marcus (aka #mertandmarcus). They are two fashion photographers who collaborate together on a number of projects. They are known for their amazingly beautiful, powerful portraits of women. And Kim Kardashian is definitely a powerful woman.

So, using logic, we could infer that maybe these two incredibly talented photographers worked with this highly influential woman on a series of gorgeous portraits that we’ll soon all be graced with.


But since it’s technically still a secret, I guess we’ll all just have to wait and find out.

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