Kim Kardashian’s Home Decor Described as ‘Morgue-Like;’ Compared to ‘Psych Ward’

Fans are commenting, "don't quit your day job."

While no one quite knows for sure what Kim Kardashian’s actual day job is, it appears that fans think she shouldn’t add interior designer to her list of entrepreneurial endeavors.

The 42-year-old The Kardashians star, who finalized her divorce from Kanye West yesterday, took to Instagram to share a carousel post on the “things at home that make me happy.”

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In the post, she shares several photos of her home, starting with a simple stone coffee cup. The array of photos also includes a bedroom with stark white and gray marble walls, and what appears to be a living room that’s entirely tan from top-to-bottom.

The monotone decor wasn’t striking a chord with fans. @Stereobabe commented “#cancelkim,” while others implied that this was all a major “sKam” to distract fans from the Balenciaga ad-campaign scandal, and her involvement with the brand.

Another user on the gram referred to the photos as “lifeless, clinical and depressing,” while another said it looked like a “psych ward.”

“I would feel like I’m sleeping in a morgue in that bedroom,” penned one commenter, referring to the marble bedroom.

Fans even cleverly hinted at Kim’s work helping to get justice for people who are improperly prisoned, stating “Kimberly, there are penitentiaries cozier than this,” and another said “it’s giving [them] solitary confinement” vibes.

Kardashian is reportedly raking in hundreds of millions of dollars from business ventures including her shapewear line Skims, and a skincare line called Skkn. It’s probably safe to say she won’t be adding a home decor line anytime soon!

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