Kim Kardashian’s hair stylist revealed the one product she recommends for everyone’s hair, and we’re running to the store ASAP

One of the pipe dreams of everyday life is achieving hair commercial-worthy locks (you know what we mean), and it’s kinda unfair that celebs get to have theirs styled to perfection. Right?

Well, it’s all going to be okay…because People let us know that celebrity hair stylist Laura Polko is sharing her advice!

She’s kind of a HUUUUGE deal in the styling world, as her client list includes the likes of Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, Lea Michelle, Olivia Munn, and more. SO, when asked what the “one product” would be if she had to use one for the rest of her career, Polka named a conditioner that’s easily found in drug stores.

"On myself, it would be deep conditioner — Aussie’s three minute miracle moist. And then on other people, it would be leave-in conditioner."

And there we have it! Leave-in conditioner!

Polka also revealed other pearls of wisdom during the interview, such as her “beauty mantra,” which we really appreciate.

"Less is more, and your attitude is what keeps you around."

Sounds like a good thing to remember! And if you need any more hair inspo for the day, here are a few amazing looks styled by Polko.

Looks radiant (and well conditioned) to us!

Thanks for the advice, Laura!

Whether you’re looking to switch up your conditioner or shampoo, or interested in experimenting with a new hair style (or even going so far as trying a trend like rose gold hair!), the holidays are a great time to start something fresh. Whatever you’ve been itching to do…go for it, we say.