Kim Kardashian’s crazy pierced nails are confusing and delighting us all at once

We can confidently say that nail art has gotten a bit “extra” in recent years. From stiletto nails to aquarium nails (yes, those exist), professional and amateur manicurists alike have proven that if you can think it, you can put it on your nails.

Kim Kardashian is usually one to play it safe with her manicures. But yesterday she stepped into the world of cray nail art in a big way. Kardashian is now sporting ~ pierced nails ~ and oooo, this is a lewk. But we’re into it.

Kardashian shared her new look via Snapchat and in the video, she can be heard saying, “Khloé would be so proud of me right now.” Girl, we all are.

We think Kim may have gotten inspiration for her pierced nails from freelance nail artist, Mei Kawajiri. Kawajiri is responsible for the nails that appeared on the models during last week’s Balenciaga Men’s Fashion Week show.

To the event, Kawajiri wore her own pierced nail creation, which looks very similar to Kardashian’s new style.

Even though the nails look great, we must admit that we are concerned about Kim’s near future. How will she pick things up, use her phone, use the bathroom, etc.? People on Instagram are also feeling just as unsure.




We have to keep the faith that Kim will be OK, though. Many others have received the pierced nails treatment and lived to tell the tale. Those who do take the plunge usually start with teeny hoops on either the pinky or ring finger. The smaller the ring, the easier life is.

But others, like Kardashian, have taken larger risks. Some have opted for charms rather than hoops.

And Katy Perry even donned huge “Moschino” charms on her nails at the 2015 Met Gala, and they didn’t hinder her from living a fruitful life!

In a lot of ways, having pierced nails is similar to walking in heels. Yes, they may not be as convenient as sneakers, but they look fab. And knowing that Kardashian has mastered the art of the heel, we feel that she will master the art of the pierced nail as well.

We believe in you, Kim!

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