Kim Kardashian’s new *comedy prank show* is actually a perfect job for her, and here’s why

Kim Kardashian: mother, daughter, glam expert, purveyor of comedy — wait, what? On March 2nd, Kim Kardashian announced that she would executive produce a new comedy prank show for Facebook Watch called You Kiddin’ Me. It’s not entirely clear how the show will work, but we do know that the first season will have 10 episodes and a celebrity family element.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the prank show revolves around celebrities and their kids. “The kids are in charge and celebrities must do everything their own children say. The format will see members of the Facebook community chosen to prank their favorite celebrities,” according to the trade publication.

So celebrity children will prank and/or instruct their parents to complete pranks? Regardless, the pitch for this show is just mysterious enough for us to tune in when it launches, because like, what’s gonna happen?

If Kim seems like a random choice to produce what is essentially the second coming of Punk’D, let us explain why she actually makes a ton of sense to do this project. If you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you already know that this family loves pranks. Several episodes per season revolve around pranks family members pull on one another. Sometimes the prank is a cake to the face, and other times the Kardashian kids don disguises and prank the paparazzi. If you like the Kardashians but aren’t prank-inclined, this is usually the portion of the episode you fast forward through so you can get to Kim building a nursery or Khloé and Malika arguing about their friendship.–Pifm05Q?feature=oembed

If you search “Kardashian pranks” on Youtube, you won’t come up for air for hours. We’re very intrigued by this new show and wonder which celebrity families will take part. The Pinkett-Smiths? The Hadids? The Witherspoons? There is no official premiere date, so we can only wait and see for now.

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