Kim Kardashian wore a lip ring to her family’s annual Christmas party

There were *so* many festive looks happening this holiday season, and one that we must discuss is Kim Kardashian’s lip ring. She debuted the unexpected accessory at her family’s annual Christmas party, and it’s definitely a step outside of her usual comfort zone. Verdict? We’re into it.

And in usual Kim fashion, she’s leaving us begging for more, wondering whether or not the lip ring is real.

We found out Kim Kardashian donned a new piercing when Khloé Kardashian shared a Snap of the gorgeous duo, and she was *all* about Kim’s lip ring.

We’re guessing this is just a faux ring, meant to add a dose of edge to her holiday ensemble. And while the lip ring may seem like a bold move, it’s actually very on trend. Body mods, like tiny tattoos and nose rings, have become pretty popular in 2016, and we see this trend only gaining steam in 2017. We love how this one small addition takes the look to a whole new level.

We’re obviously so here for Kim’s amazing look, but can we also talk about all the #SisterGoals happening here?

Khloé is being so supportive of Kim’s new look. We all get anxious about revealing new looks at holiday parties (because they’re stressful AF!), so we dig this judgement-free excitement. We’re sending Kim major love for trying something new with her look, and for the inspo to do the same ourselves!

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